our employees

Our highly qualified staff

All employees are part of our close-knit team

There are more than 100 highly qualified employees with different specialisations in our company. Each of our employees has received the necessary training and has become an industry professional. The quality of our products is the result of the effective work of KSANA employees.

A close-knit team and highly qualified specialists is the key to our company’s success

Our employees

Employee benefits


Each employee is given the opportunity to learn from their colleagues. We also arrange advanced training courses to enable employees to acquire new knowledge and experiences.


Each employee is provided with a set of underwear, overalls, a helmet and all necessary tools for their work. The overalls are replaced as they wear out, and winter overalls are also provided in cold weather.

Working conditions

Each employee is provided with a full package of documents, leave of absence and personalised approach


Employees are provided with rented accommodation with all amenities at company expense.

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